Is it not merely superior intelligence we are dealing with? Some speak of aliens having bound us to a living hologram…

The effort to view God or Vishnu as superior intelligence or an alien force with some sinister agenda is an extension of our 4 characteristic tendencies viz eating, sleeping, mating and defending. Fear as an extension of our ego which ensures our survival on the material level and motivates legitimate defence. However, to suppose that God is an alien force mysteriously pulling the strings from behind is borderline psychotic. Yet, it also is but an extension of our lack of knowledge and corresponding coarse consciousness that we possess. This idea comes from scientists or scientifically inclined people who presuppose that all aliens or beings from other dimensions are necessarily antagonistic to human life as it is on Earth.
However, we have information from the Vedic literatures that life does exist on other planets and there exist higher dimensional beings we call Devas who are assisting us on our Earthly sojourns. They are personifications of the forces of nature and are responsible for the intricate balance necessary to favour life across the cosmos. Aditi, the Mother of all demigods is the Deva-Matrix who guides her intelligent sons and daughters in their quest to counter negative forces or demonic influences and ensure the perennial course of life across the Universe. Assisting these personalities are the 3 qualitative incarnations of Vishnu as He assumes the post of secondary creator (Lord Brahma), Deity in charge of maintenance (Lord Narayana) and the potent destructive renegade (Lord Shiva).
Hence, the Vedic literatures give us information that the Universe teems with intelligent life and this runs counter to previous scientific blunders which supported the idea that we happen to be the only planet favourable for life among the gazillions which have been charted out and discovered today thanks to advances in astronomy. The Vedic literatures number 8,400,000 species of life centred on the concept of 8.4 million levels of consciousness accessible to the living entity or spiritual spark. Out of these 8.4 million, 400 000 consist of human-like life or humanoids – ranging from subhuman species to very advanced but antagonistic beings as well as very advanced benevolent races. So, yes there are alien forces and no we are not alone but this is all divorced from the concept of God, should we seek to understand it properly.
God in His regal incarnation Sri Krishna is conspicuous by His absence within this material cocoon. He doesn’t interfere with the workings of material nature which is undergoing its triune transformations of creation, maintenance and destruction on its own under the direction of His deputed agents or secondary controllers. Hence, it is erroneous to conceive of God Himself as an antagonistic force. In fact, varying levels of consciousness can access varying degrees of God realization which is why it is vital to work on our consciousness which is the symptom of the soul before we seek to understand God. Through the regulative process of devotional service and under the auspices of austerity and the fire of self-control, God reveals Himself to the aspiring seeker in His most intimate form.
We call this Darshan or that time when the Supreme Lord chooses to reveal Himself before our eyes and grant us audience. In this scenario, all the inebrieties of the individual soul get cleared as the aspirant beholds the super-excellent blissful form of Vishnu. It is said that only the fortunate souls can have such an audience and it is literally a fast-track to Moksha. Nevertheless, bhakti-yoga goes even further in that, in the later stages, one learns to act in his individual identity in a personal relationship with God. This is why Hare Krishna devotees are conferred initiated names upon conferment of Diksha or initiation by their spiritual masters. From then on, they are known as twice-borns because our first birth is through our parents while our second and real birth is through the via medium of the spiritual master in a bona fide lineage coming directly from Lord Sri Krishna Himself. These lineages number four in total.
The idea of us being bound to a living hologram bears a striking similarity to the concept of Maya in so much as this world is unreal by virtue of its temporary nature. It can even be extrapolated that the created portion of existence is being held together by one personality who is in some kind of yogic slumber, breathing in and out innumerable universes as He lies down in the Causal Ocean. The fact that He is in a yogic trance would give credence to a holographic reality but we are in no way bound to this realism because we are always being pointed the way out by a specific and concerted effort from God and His pure devotees. In fact, this constitutes the essence of all religions.

By Krishna Leela Prakash ©



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