Why not live in a perfect world? Why send us in a universe where we constantly have to struggle?

Many would like to believe that a perfect world is a utopia.  Well seeing the current state of affairs globally, it is understandable that many of us feel this way.  We are so entrenched in adjusting to this relative world that we come to accept that this world is far from perfect.   However, few of us know that this world, the Earth itself has been visited by many Avatars of Vishnu and the moment they set foot here, as described in the Bhagavata Purana (one of the best historical records we have of our Vedic past) Nature was completely rejuvenated.  Nature adopts then a bountiful mode and it seems like the Earth is transformed into a living symphony as an ode to the hope that God brings with him whenever He visits our realm. 

            Much of the corruption we find in our experience of life here in this material world reflects the very corruption living in our hearts.  In one sense, we beget the leaders we deserve.  And in this connection, it is important we draw a parallel to governance in Vedic times.  The Bhagavata Purana which chronicles life in the cosmos since its inception informs us that the Earth has previously been ruled by leaders of exceptional character who were helmed by an intellectual class, the Brahmanas, whose sustenance depended upon the charitable disposition of society. What is worth noting is that the majority of the leaders had undergone a period of education under the able guidance of the Rishis and many of them obtained the permission to rule after having obtained audience with the Supreme Lord Himself.

            Whenever there is a dearth of such rulers, the Brahmanas take it upon themselves to appoint one such King and, as in the case of Maharaj Prithu, the Brahmanas were so exceptionally powerful that they could petition a plenary portion of the Supreme Personality to establish rightful governance on the face of this globe.  The Vedic seers were well aware that the way a society is governed has trickle-down effects throughout society and that government should rule by example.  Our Universe has been populated by the Prajapatis who espoused various forms of sexual and asexual reproduction to make sure the Earth teems with life.  Early accounts of the activities of the Prajapatis reveal that they even took on animal forms to accelerate the formation of life on Earth and to seed the planet with various forms of life.  This defeats the theory of Evolution since we find that all the forms of life had been created from the very beginning of Earthly existence about 4.3 billion years ago.

            Intellectual life in modern times has been marred by the hubris of the scientific community which is expounding materialistic and reductionist knowledge in an attempt to provide “peer-reviewed” information to society, but the only end-result is that we all end up thinking we are the be all and end all of things.  Needless to say that any information we have coming from ancient civilizations like the Vedic heritage gets relegated to the ranks of myth. So puny is their consideration of the workings of Nature that the result of their speculation is only going to further widespread ignorance about our divine nature and purpose in society.  The benefit of giving Vedic truth a serious investigation is that we also find an extremely coherent philosophy throughout the liturgy, with a consistent voice guiding the success of our mission here.

            But, we are also informed that the reason life in this realm is deplorable is that it was originally meant to be this way to facilitate our return to the Spiritual Abode.  We experience frustration and defeat here on Earth to the extent that we violate natural laws which would normally usher in an era of “heaven on Earth”.  This is not an imaginary concept; life on Earth has hitherto known many springs and periods of profusion. It is deeply erroneous to assume, as will be evident later in this series, that we are the only advanced civilization to have treaded the face of this planet.  The difference between our times and former times is that presently the pursuit of life is centred around fulfilling the life of the body enabled by material science and technology while, in the past, life was centred around fulfilling the spiritual goals and aligning ourselves with the laws of nature instead of flouting them consistently – just about every day.

            What I mean by “every day” is actually quite simple to see.  Every day, other forms of life are being sacrificed on the altar of cruelty in innumerable slaughterhouses around the world just to satisfy our palates.  Every form of life has the right to its own subsistence and nature sees to it that there is some kind of balance that is established within ecosystems.  However, by stunting the life of souls incarnate in animal forms, all we are doing is forcing them to take birth again in these forms which blocks the larger scheme of evolution of consciousness in the cosmos.  This goes in direct violation to an important natural law and no wonder we find so much strife and killing in the forms of widespread famine, droughts, wars and corruption which stunt our very own lives. The equation is after all simple: Life for life.

            What is even more dreadful is when we consider the case of our mother, the holy cow (Gaumata) whose milk sustains healthy human life.  So pure is this animal that when a cow is slaughtered, it sends out soliton waves of despair into the Universe which bounce back in the form of natural calamities. The thoughtful Vedic Maharishis have deemed it wise to ban cow slaughter in Vedic tradition, especially the Desi Indian Humped cows who deliver nutritious A2 milk which is in itself an elixir. This is because of the gold nano colloids present in their bodies which modulate sunlight into gold particles from the Surya Ketu Nadi they possess. The Surya Ketu Nadi (literally “nerve modulating energy from the sun”) runs across their humps and reaches their livers where those gold nano particles can be found.  The benefits of colloidal gold was hailed by many ancient civilizations.  Analysis of the cow urine of Vedic cows by the Junagadh Agricultural University has revealed that it veritably contains these gold particles. Today, cow urine is being promoted as a health drink in India because of its powerful detoxifying nature.  It is even being researched for its application in the treatment of cancer.

            And so, the government of Narendra Modi has seen it fit to ban cow slaughter across India, and most states have followed suit and penalised such acts of human cruelty. As humanity starts to align itself over again with the subtle laws of Nature like Karma, everything will fall back into place and there will dawn a new era of peace and prosperity on Earth (a predicted 10000 year old Golden Age), where life will no longer be such a struggle.

By Krishna Leela Prakash ©


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