This is a portal to the Vedic Universe, Krishna Bhakti, and Spiritual Knowledge. I have had a lifetime fascination with the Vedic literatures and A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami and his bona fide successors and devotees have had a lasting impact on my life.

I have also personally been striving to go beyond and delve into India as an ancient civilization. Here I share all that I have learnt in those 15 years of pursuit and discovery. I hope that this is not merely a platform for one-way talk as I really want to communicate with my readers and I wish to emphasize that I am by no means an authority on spiritual matters, especially in matters relating to the pursuit of Krishna bhakti.

However, if my experience and knowledge inspires you on the path of dharma and yoga, I will consider my humble attempt to be successful. The name of this Page comes from a deep mystical experience and simply means “The Light (Prakash) that shall come from Sri Krishna’s Pastimes (Leela)”.

In my opinion, this is the acme of spiritual understanding and it should indeed be our goal to aspire to rediscover our eternal spiritual identities and participate in Sri Krishna’s loving activities. Our situation right now is merely a perverted reflection of a glorious and blissful spiritual dimension which is described as sat-chit-ananda.

Jay Shri Krishna!